East Texans pick trucks over fuel-efficient cars, despite White House advice

East Texans pick trucks over fuel-efficient cars, despite White House advice

President Barack Obama was in Detroit Wednesday visiting the Ford plant. While on his trip, he urged Americans to purchase fuel-efficient vehicles despite gas prices being at a six-year low.

However, low gas prices have East Texas residents like Kay Darby excited to fill up at the pump.

" It would probably cost me 40 bucks to fill it up," Darby said.

Darby recently bought a truck.

"Last week, we bought a Toyota truck," Darby said.

However, experts predict that the gas prices won't stay low for long.

In fact, Obama has urged Americans to stay away from gas guzzlers and to purchase more fuel-efficient vehicles for the simple fact that low gas prices aren't going to last forever.

"It goes down, it goes up," Darby said. "It's like a yo-yo. There is nothing we can do about that."

Darby admitted although she likes the low prices, she would have made the same decision even if gas prices were at an all time high.

"Gas prices won't stop us from driving a truck or driving as much as we do," Darby said.

Gabe Mendez has been selling trucks at Loving Toyota in Lufkin for five years.

"Truck sales in East Texas are always going to be high," Mendez said. "That's because it's a necessity here. There is a lot more usage for trucks in East Texas. People around here need trucks for work or recreation purposes."

Darby agreed.

"When you buy a vehicle, you have to get something that you can get the best usage out of," Darby said.

Mendez, who owns a truck himself, said the bottom line is that East Texans love their trucks because they are more practical.

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