Device use causes vision problems in Lufkin

Device use causes vision problems in Lufkin

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A recent report says from the looks of it, the time spent looking at phones and computer screens today, could be causing record numbers of vision issues. Local optometrists talked about the issues they see here in East Texas.

Laptops, iPads, and cell phones have all become somewhat essential to this generation. Digital devices are used today more often than not.

"Lunch, in between classes, at night, and in the morning," said Victoria Veit, a Lufkin High School student.

The Vision Council released a study that says with an increase of devise use (average nine or more hours per day) comes an increase in digital eye strain. Ninety-five percent of Americans are at risk.

"Some of the chief complaints people will have is, "My eyes burn, they get tired, and they get red," said Dr. Jimmy Robertson, the optometrist of Robertson Family Eyecare in Eyemart Express.

The daily device use could be work-related or Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

"The focusing system is a muscle, so it can be fatigued," Robertson said.

The study says that is the largest concern. Seventy percent of young device users report symptoms of digital eye strain.

"My parents don't even know how to text. They do the one finger thing," Veit said.

According to the Vision Council, people of the millennial generation don't see the dangers that come with screen time.

"They're really focusing and concentrating for long periods of times," Robertson said.

Robertson said the issue he notices most, is we focus on several forms of media, screens, and font sizes at a time. This makes it difficult to give the perfect prescription.

"It's hard to get one pair that does everything," Robertson said.

He says a yearly visit to an optometrist will at least rule out pre-existing eye problems. They make eye strain most severe.

Since it looks like the millennial generation won't be putting the phones down anytime soon, Robertson says proper posture, computer setup, and regular eye exams will stop you from seeing a digital eye strain problem.

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