With Donations Headed Overseas, Will Local Charities Be Neglected?

Water, food, clothes and medicine are on the way to tsunami victims, but with so many items headed overseas, what will be left for our East Texas charities?

"If they've donated the money that they would usually donate to us, it will affect us some," Godtel Ministries director Martin Baker says.  "The Lord's always been our source anyway, so if people feel like they need to put their money somewhere else, then the Lord will raise that money for us from other avenues."

Local agencies are proud of the support East Texans are sending overseas, but leaders of these organizations don't want anyone to forget about the needs at home.

"We have had so many house fires and local disasters," Red Cross director Glenna Harkness says.  "In Angelina County alone, we've had eight house fires that Red Cross has assisted with.  Forty-two individuals; and we spent almost $5,000 since that time to assist these individuals, so we do have local needs also."

Right now, neither the Red Cross or Godtel feel neglected because of the disaster in southeast Asia.  East Texas charities are doing their part to help those victims, and encourage contributing to the tsunami relief fund.  One thing is certain: no matter who they're helping, area charities can't do their work without donations from you, year round.

For more information about Red Cross or Godtel and how you can donate to these charities, go to www.godtel.org or www.redcross.org.