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High Pointe Stables' owner opens barn door to East Texans of all ages

Headed out for a short ride (Source: KLTV Web staff) Headed out for a short ride (Source: KLTV Web staff)
Visit HighPointeStables.net for more info. Visit HighPointeStables.net for more info.
This little one is waiting for big sis to finish her lesson. (Source: KLTV Digital staff) This little one is waiting for big sis to finish her lesson. (Source: KLTV Digital staff)
TYLER, TX (KLTV) - East Texan Sally Martin is what most of us call "a horse person." She grew up with horses, she has had her children on horses since they were small, and she has even ridden competitively. She has also, since 2010, shared that love of horses with East Texans through her business.

Sally has owned High Pointe Stables since 2010, taking it on when the previous owner moved out of state, and she has never been happier, professionally speaking, with her life. 

"A lot of people helped me along the way in the jobs I had; I worked at Cavender's, and the Potpourri House. I learned the insurance business after that from some of the best people in the business. And everything I've learned has helped me to become a better businesswoman in my role as owner of High Pointe," Martin said. "I encourage women who have a dream to just step out and try it. Sometimes its scary. There are times when I didn't know how we'd make it to the next day, but then something would happen, and help would come at just the right time."

The fruition of Martin's dream, High Pointe Stables, is located on Lake Placid Road in Tyler, just off of Highway 155. It's hard to imagine, since it's actually in the city limits of Tyler, but it is situated on over 200 acres of land, on Diamond Pointe Ranch. The ranch is owned by Tyler optometrist Dr. Gene Bennett.

SLIDESHOW: Take a look inside High Pointe Stables

"Dr. Bennett bought the property and he really just wants to share it with the community. He loves seeing families, kids, everyone out here, just enjoying the land and the horses," Martin says. 

One unique feature of High Pointe is that since it is still in Tyler, commute time to and from lessons is very short, which is important to most parents. It's so close, in fact, that Sally told me that she and a group of riders recently enjoyed a three-hour trail ride, to and from Tyler's Lindsay Park.

"We could have ridden longer, we were enjoying it so much, but the sun was going down," she recalls. "It's so nice to be able to ride in such beautiful, wide-open spaces and still be inside the city limits."

At High Pointe, English and Western lessons are offered for those who want to ride competitively, but if you or your child just want to hang out with horses, and learn how to ride for fun, that is encouraged here, as well.

"We are not a facility that pushes everyone who walks in the door to compete. It's great if you want to do that, and we can accommodate that for you [with trainer Michelle Shockley and herself]. But if you just want to learn about horses and have fun going on a trail ride and learning how to take care of them, we encourage you to talk to us about that, too. We love that," she said. 

Martin says the property can be used for birthday parties, weddings, receptions, and other events. Dr. Bennett has even provided a huge grill to be used by those on special occasions.

"We're a good, more moderately-priced venue for people who want a barn or outdoor wedding. We have a lake, rolling hills, green grass, the barn ... talk to me about it. We can work out something for your budget that's not crazy-expensive."

There's a lounge area with a small kitchen and restrooms that can be utilized for events or during lessons. It features comfy leather furniture and windows so parents can view the kids during their lessons from the comfort of the air-conditioned or heated indoors. 

Of course, horse-owners can board their animals at High Pointe, as well; Martin takes wonderful care of them, treating them like her own. Watching her interact with them was fun, as I could see how well the animals responded to her, and how kind she was toward them. People from as far away as California board their horses at High Pointe, so that they can know their animals are well taken care of when they're not with them in Texas. 

If you'd like to visit High Pointe Stables, Sally welcomes you to call her to set up a tour at 903-570-8625 or email her at moxiemom95@gmail.com

You can also visit the website by clicking here

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