Lufkin PD warns against pre-warming cars

Lufkin PD warns against pre-warming cars

Your routine for the day changes in the winter, and for some that means heading outside a few minutes early to start the car.

"Especially with the weather we're having lately," said Officer Nettles of Lufkin Police Department.

Lufkin PD says turning the key and leaving your car unattended warms it up for car-jackers and thieves.

"Passersby could see that it's unlocked, and the keys are in it," Nettles said.

They can easily steal items out of it. LPD says they've seen a spike in car burglaries. That's not the only reason you should think twice about warming up those seats.

"You can get fined up to 500 dollars," Nettles said.

It's also illegal. Nettles says it's called "puffing" and many don't know the consequence is a hefty fine.

If you thought you needed to warm the engine up, auto mechanics say that's not necessary unless your car is more than twenty years old. To avoid theft, fines, and to save time, Nettles has a suggestion.

"Don't leave it unattended at all if you can," Nettles said.

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