East Texas brides find spending less on wedding key to happiness

East Texas brides find spending less on wedding key to happiness

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A recent study may have cracked the code to a happy marriage.

The study conducted by economic professors at Emory University found that couples that spend more than $20,000 on their wedding, up the odds of divorce by 3.5.

Eva Dickens will be married fifty years this May. She said that back when she got married, weddings were less of a show and more about the union.

"We went out in the woods and picked magnolia leaves and decorated the arch," said Dickens. "My mother and I made flowers out of tissue for the arrangements and when you look at the pictures you cannot tell."

Dickens' homemade wedding might be the reason why she is still married to this day.

The study also found that couples that spend less than $1,000 on festivities have the best odds of staying together.

"Our wedding might have cost $250," Dickens said.

Dickens is now a wedding planner. She said weddings are more elaborate nowadays, but she is seeing more brides take the traditional approach.

"Brides are making their own dresses, their own arrangements. They are going for a more rustic," Dickens said.

Chelsie Brazeil is getting married in October of 2015. She said cost is one of the biggest issues she has faced.

"Planning a wedding can be expensive," said Brazeil. "So I have turned to Pinterest for ideas. It has helped cut cost a lot. I am going for a rustic look."

Also to help cut the cost, Brazeil has opted for a location that does most of the work for her. Tamesha Forrest's family owns Shelton's Place, an all-inclusive venue. She said most brides are turning to venues like theirs for several reasons.

"It eases the financial burden and stress," said Forrest. "Brides want their day to be special, but are starting to realize that price can cause a wedge between families."

Professors surveyed 3,000 people for this study.

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