East Texas NFL player and Dez Bryant’s former coach weigh in on Bryant’s reversed call

East Texas NFL player and Dez Bryant’s former coach weigh in on Bryant’s reversed call

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - We have seen it two weeks in a row now. Officiating has played a huge part in the fate of the Dallas Cowboys season.

As the clocked wound down against the Green Bay Packers, Dallas looked to get the play they needed from the Lufkin receiver Dez Bryant with a fourth down, 31-yard catch that would have left the Cowboys on the one-yard line.

That play formally ruled as a catch, was later deemed as an incomplete pass and Green Bay took the game from there.

Cowboys' head coach Jason Garrett said in the post-game that this is a very typical catch for Bryant, and those who coached Bryant in high school said this play mirrored what he's always done.

"He was a huge part of our offense. He started when he was a sophomore, running scout team offense for us and we're use to that. We've seen it," said Bryant's former coach and Lufkin athletic director Todd Quick. "We've seen him go up, take the steps, and reach for the goal line, so we were really surprised."

Former Corrigan-Camden Bulldog, now Minnesota Viking tight end Chase Ford plays under these same rules every Sunday and said he's had his own similar experience in the NFL.

"In the rules of the NFL, they made the right call, but in my personal opinion I don't think they should have overturned it. It was too close to overturn," said Ford. "It happened to me in Week 16. I caught the ball in bounds and everything. Referee said I was out of bounds and upon review you could really tell I was in bounds. We still didn't get the touchdown out of it though and ended up losing the game, but that's how it goes. It's their call, not ours."

As the rules of the game are becoming more advanced, more detail oriented, it's made making a judgment call more difficult especially at such a fast paced level. Overall, it's favored by at least one guy in the NFL

"They've been doing this for years. I know us guys, we're in the game, in the moment, there's stuff we would probably know better than the referees, but there's referees everywhere," said Ford. "On top of that they got it in New York. They're watching it in New York so whatever their judgment call is, that's just what it's going to be."

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