Angelina College opens doors early for spring registration

Angelina College opens doors early for spring registration


The president of Angelina College initially thought this spring semester might be low in regard to enrollment. However, Tuesday's early registration revealed just the opposite.

This event was the first of its kind for the college and allowed previously enrolled students to register for their spring courses, without the added crowds. Due to the success of Tuesday's event, Dr. Larry Phillips, the president of Angelina College, is expecting enrollment to be at its usual level, which is about five thousand students.

"Registration here at Angelina College starts tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday," Phillips said. "We expect to register, maybe, another thousand students in those two days. These are those students who got an early start and were enlisted in the fall, and they're coming back to get things taken care of."

Phillips is encouraging anyone and everyone to register as soon as possible, as classes begin on Tuesday, January 20th.

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