Students at Anderson Elementary earn simulated degrees

Students at Anderson Elementary earn simulated degrees

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Students at Anderson Elementary are becoming college graduates. They're getting simulated bachelor's, master's and even PhDs in reading.

Hallie Hall is just 10 years old, but she already has a master's degree.

Hall is just one of several students at Anderson Elementary enrolled in the Accelerated Reading Program.

"The way the program works is that you read a book, take a test on it, and get points,” said Hall. “Then those points add up and that's how you get a bachelors degree, master's degree and so forth."

Tracey Brasher teaches language and reading at Anderson Elementary, and she said their school has been offering this program for years, but this year they gave student an incentive by adding on the option of getting a fake degree.

"The students are very excited about this new option,” said Brasher. “It gives them an opportunity to think about colleges."

Hall chose Texas A&M University.

“I chose Texas A&M because all of my family went there.”

Fourth grader Caridan Cruise has a simulated bachelor's degree from Texas Tech.

"It feels good to be challenge to read,” Cruise said.

He said these new option give him and his classmate an incentive to do better. The students are evaluated every nine weeks. Cruise and Hall said they are going to keep striving for higher education

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