Looking for a Few Good Men

They are looking for a few good men who will make up a new detachment of the Marine Corps League.

After lots of hard work and dedication East Texas will now have a Pineywoods detachment. At least 25 marines traveled from all over East Texas to begin the detachment, including marines who fought in Vietnam, World War II and even the Gulf War.

The marine corps league has one major goal.

Helen Hicks, the national commandant of the Marine Corps League, said, "The whole goal and purpose is to continue to support active marines, take care of families and children of our former marines, and to keep the tradition alive."

Organizers really want anyone who is a marine to come out and join. It is a way to learn more about their fellow marines. They say it is important to them to have a detachment right here in East Texas.

Dale Koonce, a post commander, said, "It is a bond of brothers, people that have been in the marine corps, they aren't ex-marines, they are marines forever. It is something once you go through it, you die a marine."

For more information contact Koonce at (936)-569-9670.