Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 01-15-15

Love's Subway at 1005 S. Medford Drive: 9 demerits for cold hold at wrong temperature and food manager certification not up to date.

Wingstop Restaurant & Club at 4505 S. Medford: 7 demerits leaks at sinks in food prep area and in the back needed to be repaired, leaking ice machine needed to be repaired, area under ice machine needed to be cleaned, wet wiping cloth solutions not changed on a regular basis, and hand sink not operable at all times.

Taco Bueno at 2408 S. First Street: 5 demerits for cold hold at wrong temperature.

Burger King at 2402 S. First Street: 4 demerits for food manager not on site at all times and handle on freezer door needed to be replaced.

Huntington Meat Market & Deli at 481 N. Third, Huntington: 4 demerits for items stored in stagnant water and personal items stored with food and/or single-service items.

Standpipe Coffee House at 123 S. First: 4 demerits for inside of dairy cooler needed to be cleaned, single-service items stored on the floor, and general cleanliness.

Vasquez Restaurant El Jaripeo at 589 N. Main, Huntington: 3 demerits for household freezer needed to be removed.

Crawdaddy's Boil N' Go at 1202 Chestnut: 0 demerits.

Which Wich at 4505 S. Medford Drive, Suite 313: 0 demerits.