Sibling Violence Often Goes Unreported

by Ramonica R. Jones

If you have an older brother or sister, chances are you're no stranger to getting picked on, being bullied, and endlessly teased.  When name calling and sibling rivalry gets out of hand, it becomes more than just child's play.

"The difference would be because someone is really injured when the bullying escalates to something violent and physical and sometimes fatal," social worker Lisa Soto says.

Child Protective Services works year round protecting kids from violence and abuse, but they need your help to effectively and quickly get the job done.

"We get involved when a report is called into our hotline," Soto says.  "We can't investigate a family without a report being called in from someone to the statewide hotline, and then the hotline reroutes it to the correct C.P.S. office."

Sibling violence isn't as common as parental abuse, not only because it doesn't happen as often, but because it isn't reported as much.

"Usually, the cases that we see most commonly between siblings is incest, and again, that would be because of improper supervision on the part of the parents," Soto says.