Lufkin Millennials still buying homes

Lufkin Millennials still buying homes

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Buying a home was once a part of the American Dream, but it seems to be fading off the list of things to accomplish for the millennial generation.

"That's definitely the case across the board," said Hall Henderson, a Lufkin escrow officer.

Hall Henderson, president of Lufkin's, Security and Guaranty, says the age for the average home buyer in America has gone up from 39 to 44. Here in East Texas, young families are still interested in calling something their own.

"We're seeing young people that are nurses, doctors, and medical professors that are coming and investing in our community," Henderson said.

It just so happens that Henderson is one of them.  He's twenty-nine, and after adding one to his family, he decided to build a house himself.

"It's a place to raise your family, and it's fun to go out and play catch in the yard with your kids," Henderson said.

Last year, first time home buyers made up only 33 percent of the normal 44, but Henderson says there hasn't been a drop in young people looking to own in Lufkin.

"Things in East Texas are a lot better than elsewhere," Henderson said.

Officials say Lufkin's number of young home buyers was up five percent last year.

"It's the biggest investment that you'll make in your lifetime," Henderson said.

This is an investment that young East Texans are still willing to make.

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