In honor of Honor

For a few years now, students at Huntington ISD have been raising money for handicap-accessible playground equipment. They are doing it for Honor, a future student whose brother attends the school. Caleb Beames explains how they're doing it in his report at 6.

And at 5, we'll explain why a bunch of women wearing tiaras are running around Nacogdoches.

At 6, Blair Ledet shows you surveillance footage from a convenience store robbery in Houston County. Maybe you can help determine who the robber is.

 Is the moon a planet or a star? A couple QVC hosts had a disagreement about that. Hopefully, most of us know the answer and at 6, Erika Bazaldua finds out if some of East Texas' youth can also answer the question.

Have a great weekend!

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor