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Heart Attack: Vioxx User: 3 Yrs - "Experienced two heart attacks after taking Vioxx for about two years... cause was blocked arteries."
James D. Bloomington, IL.

Stroke: Vioxx User:4 Yrs - "I was on Vioxx  until Jan of this year. In March of this year I had a massive stroke." -
Fred C. Shargsburg, KY

Heart Attack: Vioxx User: 1 Yr
- "I was hospitalized for chest pain and shortness of breathe at the end of last year in the month or December.  My stress test came back okay but my blood work was not normal. I have since lost some weight and that has helped the chest pains and shortness of breath to let up some." - Belinda T. Charleston, WV

Stroke: Vioxx User: 2 Yrs - " A little over a year ago, I had numbness in my arm and face, immediate loss off memory."

Heart Attack: Vioxx User: 2 Yrs - " Prescribed for arthritic pain.  Not very effective-discontinued.  Heart attack followed later with clot near heart.  Stint implanted and clot removed by venous catheter." -
Dennis E. Trona, CA

Stroke: Vioxx User: 1 Yr - "
I had two miner strokes within a week and a half of each other after the dosage was increased. -
Ralph B. Ravenna, OH

Stroke: Vioxx User: 1 Yr
- "My side effects included stomach aches/heartburn, a swollen lip, and tiredness." -
Kim V. Vancouver, WA

Heart Attack: Vioxx User: -
"My husband Gerry S. died of a heart attack while taking Vioxx.  He was only 51 years old. -
Angela S. Coos Bay, OR

Heart Attack: Vioxx User: 1 Yr
- "My 76 yo mother had blockage of artery in preformed. Not long after that a heart attack...quad by pass. During which time strokes also presented.  She was taking Vioxx for over a year but can't get Merck Medco to send us a log." -
Willie G. Dehham , LA

Heart Attack: Vioxx User: 2-3 Yrs - " Had heart attack about 6 months ago.  Blood clots.  2 stents were inserted, in 2 different operations.  Lots of shortness of breath.  Occasional trouble swallowing.  Continuing chest pains.  Took Vioxx 2 to 3 years ago.  Not sure how long.  Should be able to get Dr. Reports if needed.  I am 67 years old in medium or less health."
Ruth B. Johannesburg, CA

Heart Attack: Vioxx User: 1 Yr
- "I Was Taking It For Inflammation In My Ankle. Then In January 2002 I Had A Stroke. Stayed A Week In The Hospital And About A Week Or More In Rehabilitation. I Have Seizures And Had Another Small Stroke In February Of 2004 . Thanks -
Sherry B. Hope, AR

Heart Attack: Vioxx User: - "My father was prescribed Vioxx when he suffered a heart attack in 1999. He later died in 2001 as a result of that heart attack." - Lisa H. Evansville, IND

Heart Attack: Vioxx User: 1-2 Yrs "Not exactly sure of the length of time I was taking Vioxx, but I can think of no other reason why I would have had a heart attack, as I was totally relaxing when it happened."
John B. Marysville, OH

Heart Attack: Vioxx User: 5 Yrs - " After taking Vioxx for several months my father's blood pressure spiked at a level too high for me to measure.  It took the doctors in the emergency room over 3 hours to normalize it. He was in the hospital for several days. After that his health deteriorated until he died on April 6, 2003 (one year and three months later)." -
Edwin C. Judsonia, AR

Heart Attack: Vioxx User: 6-7 Yrs - " Just this past two months, my father in law has suffered heart attacks and other and doctors relating this the VIOXX. This almost killed him and suffering from this now. Please call ASAP to go after these people." - James M. Manhattan Beach, CA