San Augustine city manager dies unexpectedly

San Augustine city manager dies unexpectedly

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) - Flags flew at half staff in San Augustine today in honor of the sudden death of City Manager Bruce Milstead.

Mayor Leroy Hughes explained that just last week, he and Milstead traveled to Austin for the state legislative reception.

"We went to the capitol, and we visited with state representative Trent Ashby," Hughes said.

From what he could tell, everything was normal with Milstead.

"That was on Tuesday, and we came back on Wednesday and everything was fine," Hughes said.

San Augustine was not Milstead's first run as city manager. He also served many years as city manager in Huntington. It was there he experienced some legal turmoil while in office.

Milstead was accused of "severe and pervasive sexual" harassment toward a former Huntington city employee.

He quickly responded to these allegations saying, "this is an absolutely bogus lawsuit, and it has no grounds whatsoever."

The lawsuit concluded with the city paying a $5000 settlement to the plaintiff.

In regard to filling the city managers position, Hughes says he will take over Milstead's responsibilities for the time being.

"I will fill in the gap until we get a replacement because I have filled in the previous two times we have needed city managers," Hughes said.

Milstead proved to be a dedicated city official; he and his family were all born and raised in San Augustine.

"He was a guy that loved San Augustine," Hughes said. "He was just like a kid in a candy store being here in San Augustine."

"He said this is where he wants to be for the rest of his life," Hughes concluded.

The mayor explained the Milstead family plans to honor those wishes.

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