Crockett residents experience Malaysian film making

Crockett residents experience Malaysian film making

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - About a dozen people filled the Camp Street Cafe in Crockett Tuesday night to screen films made on the other side of the world.

On Tuesday the Piney Woods Fine Arts Association presented the second part of their Caravanserai residency and film festival, 15 Malaysia.

But not everyone had an open mind about the event, event organizer Glenn Barnhart says the films did not sit well with some Crockett residents

"The majority of the community was welcoming but there have been a couple of people who wrote letter's voicing their concern about the films," said Barnhart.

He says Malaysia is an Islamic country and that's what concerned a couple of residents.

"Basically a couple of residents were concerned that these films promote Islam but it doesn't," Barnhart said. "It's a wonderful experience to learn about another culture through the arts."

Pete Teo produced of some of the films shown and is an influential person in the Malaysian arts. He says his job is to serve as an ambassador for the country.

"These films are simply an expression of social issues that plague Malaysia," said Teo. "Islamophobia is a real thing. That's also why I am here to explain to people that it's not as violent as people think."

He says Crockett has been very welcoming and he has enjoyed learning about Texas culture.

Barnharts adds you can learn a lot by being exposure to other cultures.

"The short films that they watch tonight were covering a variety of social issues that plague Malaysia and which also plague the U.S.," Barnhart said. " Both countries are dealing with political issues and corruption and human sex trafficking."

After the films were screen resident gave their feedback and brainstormed on how to improve our community.

"These films gave us a different look and perspective on issue and so we discussed how we can fix the issues her at home."

Crockett resident Chester Rosson enjoyed the films.

"I learned a lot about Malaysia," said Rosson. "I learned Malaysia is

a diverse country. Not everyone has the ability to travel and learn about other culture and so this festival was a great way to do that."

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