Tuition Continues to Rise

by Jessica Cervantez

Universities across Texas can now set their own tuition charges, instead of the legislature. But as tuition at many schools continues to rise, community colleges are trying to stay affordable.

Some Angelina college students are back at school, not for classes, but to register. Attending school there, is pretty economical. School leaders plan to keep it that way.

Angelina College President Larry Phillips said, "The community's college mission is to keep tuition fees as lows as possible which we do at AC."

A full-time class load per semester at Angelina College, costs $400 for in-county students, and $600 for out-of-county. It is one of the lowest tuition rates in the state, even for community colleges.

Phillips said, "In the mid 90's, we went several years without increasing rates, and when we have increased it's only been about two or three dollars per semester hour, but obviously tuition increases are to keep up with the cost of higher education."

Community colleges have been able to set their own tuition rates for a while now. AC's president is hoping as tuition keep increasing at other universities, there will be a positive impact on enrollment at Angelina College.

Phillips said, "You would think that the increase of tuition rates at universities would increase the enrollment at the the community college, we've seen some of that but so far not a colleges have had to increase their tuition as well but not as much."

For now, the main concern at Angelina College, is getting ready for the students coming back next week, making sure those who choose AC, are getting the most for their educational dollars.