East Texans sitting too much at work

East Texans sitting too much at work

For many of us, sitting down behind computers at our desks during work is routine, but a study says that hours of sitting today might leave East Texans sitting in a doctor's waiting room tomorrow.

Many East Texans have penciled exercise and fitness into somewhere into their schedules, but more than half of their waking hours are still spent in chairs.

"We work eight hours, and I would say most of that is sitting down," said Emily Delifosse, a secretary.

Bankers, clerks, and receptionist in Lufkin all agreed that this was normal.

"I just sit down and do my job," Delifosse said.

They were surprised by what they learned. A study by the Rehabilitation Institute in Toronto says there are many including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. What you might not know, is that even with exercise you're still at risk for all causes of mortality. A Lufkin cardiologist says this sitting lifestyle is a problem for half of his patients in the area.

To top the long hours sitting at work, Musa Khan, a cardiologist at East Texas Heart Institute, said, "You go home and sit in front of the television and change the channels."

What can you do to lower these risks?

Khan says standing up every half an hour will help, but mainly shortening the overall amount of time you sit. The study says you should work toward cutting two to three of your sitting hours.

"It keeps your weight down, lowers your risk of diabetes, and lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease," Khan said.

Khan says you should stand up to heart issues and diabetes by being just a little more active.

The Lufkin market analysis says that the jobs in Lufkin with the most employees are GE Industries and finance jobs. Both are jobs at desks.

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