SFA students say no to alcohol

SFA students say no to alcohol

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Students at Stephen F. Austin State University are saying no to alcohol thanks to a newly formed group on campus that helps students live a better life.

Junior Abigail Eck spent her Wednesday evening educating SFA students on the dangers of alcohol abuse. Eck is a member of the student wellness action team, also known as SWAT.

"We get students involved in issues that affect them on an everyday basis, such as getting their std checks, alcohol awareness and how much is too much, hazing and sexual violence," said Eck.

The group was formed this year and serve as a support system to students.

She was one of several peer counselors who volunteer their time at "Carnaval de SFA" on Wednesday. The student group used the event as a means to host a variety of interactive activities geared toward improving student's health.

“We collaborated with a group out of Austin called Texans Standing Tall to do a study about college students drinking behavior,” said Jill Milem, a counselor at SFA.

“Basically this group takes away the stigma of what people don't want to talk about on college campuses,” Eck said.

SFA student Ambra Davis was one of a dozen students surveyed on her drinking habits. On Wednesday she pledged not to participate in unhealthy drinking habits.

"I have a personal story,” said Davis. “I lost a cousin to a drunk driver. She died just two days after her 18th birthday.”

Wednesday's program was just one of many interactive events the group plans to do this school year.

The students will meet with their peer counselors in six weeks to discuss their results.

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