Supreme Court will hear lawsuit including East Texas schools

Supreme Court will hear lawsuit including East Texas schools

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - The issue with the way Texas schools are funded is not a new one. It's been going on since 1979. In simple terms, Texas school funding relies heavily on property taxes of the community. Of course, some of those communities have less tax revenue.

"If you get to looking for a low-wealth district, you don't have to look far in East Texas," said Joe Smith, a former Hudson ISD superintendent.

Those communities feel that they have been receiving the short end of the stick when it comes to providing for their students.

Hudson ISD's current and former superintendents both battled the issue of low funding. Current superintendent, Mary Ann Whiteker said the funding is obviously unbalanced.

"Some schools get as little as $3,000 per child while others have $10,000 per child," Whiteker said.

This makes it hard to reach high expectations with low resources, but this all may change.

Judge John Dietz's ruled that today's finance system is unconstitutional. Now the Texas Supreme Court will hear the case again. This gives the schools another shot at fairness for the children.

"The decision to hear the case, I think, is extremely positive," Whiteker said.

Both Whiteker and Smith said though the court won't hear the case until after June, they feel they are getting somewhere.

"I was excited that once again we were attempting to bring about fairness," Smith said.

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