Nacogdoches man looking to update cartoon maps from the East Texas region

Nacogdoches man looking to update cartoon maps from the East Texas region
Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Craig "Cappy" Thomas has been an artist almost his entire life and is looking to update some of his favorite pieces.

In 1989, Thomas created a cartoon map of Lufkin. He did the same for his native Nacogdoches a year later. Both of the maps are full of landmarks and businesses from around town. Thomas said he is just a few weeks away from unveiling the Nacogdoches map and the Lufkin map is still in the planning stages.

Thomas said it is hard to calculate how much time he has put into the project.

"I couldn't calculate it by hours," Thomas said. "I'm there working on the map all the time."

Thomas also said the biggest issue with the new maps is all of the details he will add and the growth of both cities.

"Every time I do a new map, I know more about the towns," Thomas said. "The detail is getting incredible. So I try to make it fun. I make a lot of little characters running all over the place."

Thomas said the rise of SFA over the last two years will also be highlighted on the map of the oldest town in Texas.

"They're going to have a big presence on the new map," Thomas said. "We are promoting that and we are also going to be promoting the local high school; Nacogdoches High."

Thomas said he feels like the maps show what East Texas is all about because he drives and walks the streets everyday.

"We want to promote this local flavor," Thomas said. "It's all important to this home town pride we try to promote."

It's a pride he hopes is brought to life in his newest characters.

Thomas will be donating 1,000 maps to Nacogdoches High School to sale in a fundraiser for the school. Thomas also said he would be donating maps to Lufkin Charities for them to sale and make a profit on.

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