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01/11/05 - Corrigan

Student Questions District's Punishment for Exposure

by Ramonica R. Jones

In the Corrigan-Camden school district, there is no zero tolerance policy on weapons.  That means a student who brings one to school isn't immediately expelled.

Superintendent Tom Bowman says, "We'll apply some judgment to the situation and specifics of that situation.  We'll take into consideration several different factors.  Zero tolerance, to us, is not practical." 

Recently, two junior high school students got 30 days in alternative school for bringing a knife to campus.  A high school freshman accused of exposing himself, got nearly three times as much.  District administrators say each student was punished fairly and equally.

Bowman says, "I can see where on the surface it would appear to be inconsistent, but as the real facts and details are understood, we feel OK about what's taken place."

Superintendent Bowman says each and every case of student misconduct in the CCISD is reviewed by school leaders to decide the most appropriate punishment.  He says the goal isn't just to discipline disruptive students, but to keep all students safe and comfortable in their learning environment.

The student punished for exposing himself at school told the East Texas News, he doesn't think students are being disciplined according to the district's handbook.  He says he never exposed himself to anyone.  He claims a fellow student walked up behind him and pulled his pants down the day after he quit the football team in the middle of the season.

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