Do You Know What You're Responsible for if you Coach?

Many East Texans are volunteer coaches for youth sports. But, performing those duties comes with some potential liability.

Volunteers do have some legal protection on their side under what's called the "Coverdell-Mconnell Volunteer Liability Act." The act says you are not liable if a child is accidentally injured, but you may be liable if the volunteer intentionally injures a child or engages in misconduct.

Mike Akridge, recreation superintendent, said, "The potential coaches fill out an application, we have them submit that, and we do a background check to see if these coaches are good citizens. We offer insurance for the kids through our program. Basically, a coach is not really liable, they are just out there teaching the kids the game itself."

There isn't much of a coaching turnover rate around the area. Because coaches tend to volunteer for many years, not many background checks are necessary