Are You Still Working Out?

It has been more than a week now since 2005 began. Lots of people made new year's resolutions, but how many of those resolutions are being kept?

You might think the work-out room would start to die down about now. But, that is not the case this year, at least at Livewell in Lufkin. Managers say they are seeing many people come in during their lunch break to get a quick work-out.

Bryan Compton, of the Livewell athletic club, said, "Our growth is actually maintaining, very positive and very steady. We have a lot of new programs that are still beginning, we have a new circuit training class that is going to begin Thursday night, and so we're still getting cranked. It's still a really good time for us."

Each year employees say they have been seeing a positive trend. More people seem to be sticking with their New Year's promise to get more exercise.