Lufkin bank account holders upset; Citizen's National Bank resolves issues

Lufkin bank account holders upset; Citizen's National Bank resolves issues

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A big switch has many East Texans upset.  On Monday, the two Bank of America branches in Lufkin were converted to Citizen's National Bank branches.

The moves were months in the making, but this week's transition from banks has many customers unhappy.

"I've had an account with Bank of America for approximately 12 years," said Henry Hoya, a former Bank of America account holder. 

Lately many haven't been able to bank on accessing their money. 

"I went to the ATM machine, and it said declined again," Hoya said. 

"It's definitely not been as smooth as a transition as we anticipated and expected it to be," said John Moore, the Senior Vice President of Citizen's National Bank. 

Hoya said his money wasn't available at the most crucial moment.  His son began having seizures early this week, and was rushed to the Children's Hospital in Houston. 

"I was stuck in the middle of Houston with no transportation and three bucks in my pocket," Hoya said. 

Moore says he knows and understands the frustration of the former Bank of America account holders. 

"We're going to do everything we can do to make up for the frustration that they've had," Moore said. 

Moore said Citizen's National Bank gained 30,000 accounts in the transition. A lack of communication and different systems caused difficulties that the bank is fully aware of. 

"Inconvenience is an understatement to what it did to me," Hoya said. 

The bank is doing all it can to smooth out the issues.  It's extended its hours and even opened on Sunday.  Moore says they are apologetic for the issues and want to be a huge part of the Angelina County community.  

"We just ask everybody to give us a chance to show them what we really can do," Moore said.

He also says the issues with debit card transactions are solved at this time.

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