Stranded Woman Asks For Help

Poorly built rural roads left by developers is a common problem in East Texas. But such a case clearly illustrates the problems it can cause for those in need.

Cindy Bridges lives in Melrose South in Nacogdoches County. She was waiting in her car when we arrived to tell her story. "I got stuck and this is the second time I got stuck." For over a month Bridges has been contending with a muddy obstacle into her own driveway.

But barriers aren't anything new to Bridges. She's a double amputee diabetic. She refuses to complain about her physical disability, but tired of being stranded, she stood up to her adopted Indian name, "Warrior Woman".

"Something needs to be done big time," said Bridges as she sat stranded. Luckily help arrived from the same crew that unintentionally made a bad situation even worse. In early November while Bridges was on vacation they repaired a broken water line, but in the process they left a mud bog and an old culvert behind. "I want the culvert gone because I consider that litter," said Bridges.

They also accidentally cut a phone line. Melrose water didn't call to have it fixed. This could have cost Bridges her life. "Yesterday I had a severe insulin reaction and almost didn't get out of it," recalled Bridges.

The crew foreman gave the excuse for not providing Bridges accessibility. "The weather hasn't been cooperating to get over to fix it since we done it. That's been the problem."

But after the East Texas News called the concern in they showed up with bulldozer within hours to make repairs. In a matter of minutes Bridges was on her way.

Bridges is pleased to have the repairs made to her entrance, but remains concerned for her neighbors left with similar problems.

For over a year efforts were made to bring the private roads up to county standard, but few of the low income residents would purchase the necessary culverts.

Bridges' repairs could be washed out with the next rain, but for now she's grateful. "I'm very pleased and I thank all of them and they know it," said Bridges before entering her home.