Special report at 6: A Better Way to Budget

Do you want to save more money? I thought so. Tonight at 6, Skylar Gallop explains just how much you may be spending on certain things you can easily cut out of your lives.

You may remember the tragic accident last week that claimed the lives of a couple and their unborn baby. Today, we learned TxDOT has begun a construction project to turn the highway into a four-lane road, something which would have likely kept that accident from happening. Erika Bazaldua has that story at 6.

A full town of residents are having to boil their water after a pipe broke today. At 6, Caroline Manning explains how the city of Wells lost its clean water, how workers are trying to bring it back and how a town works without it.

Also at 6, meet Naomi, the six-month-old Australian shepherd mix who is Leigha Hughes' subject of this week's edition of Best Furry Friends.

The story of Alfred Wright dominated our headlines for more than a year, after he was found dead in the Sabine County woods. And then came his brother, Savion, who also made headlines for his efforts at becoming the next American Idol. Tonight at 10, Blair Ledet interviews the father of Savion, who is back in Hollywood in an attempt to again become the next American Idol.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor