Food truck a hit with Lufkin residents

Food truck a hit with Lufkin residents

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Tom Boggs, the owner of the Old Soul Food Truck, has always dreamed of owning his own restaurant. His love for cooking started at a young age.

"It all started when I was four," Boggs said. "My mom would pull a chair up to the counter and have me help her cook."

As Boggs got older, he turn his love into a career, but he quickly had to put his dream job on hold to raise a family.

Through the years he took odd jobs. Finally, at the age of 57, he decided it was time to give cooking another shot.

"We originally wanted to start as a brick mortar restaurant downtown," Boggs said.

However, he said it was just out of his budget. Then a friend told brought up the idea of a food truck.

"We do what is classified as fusion or new American food. we have been buying smaller batches, and I am trying to buy locally sourced."

His new venture is also saved him some money.

"It's a very cost effective means of producing fresh food for the people." Boggs said.

Christen Sikes said it's also trendy.

"I think it's awesome our downtown is booming, and it's something neat that has come to our area," Sikes said.

She said it's her first time at the truck, and she is excited to dig into her meal.

"The food truck culture is booming in other areas," Boggs said.

Jamie Askey is also a first time customer.

"There's a TV show about food trucks, and me and my husband watch it all the time, so when I heard about the food truck I decided to give it a try." Askey said.

However, Jarrell Martin is a regular.

"I can't get enough of their Korean tacos," Martin said. " I come here probably once a week."

In the end, Bogg said it's more than just food.

"I think of it as art. This has been one of the most rewarding events of my life," Boggs said.

The Old Soul Food Truck can be found throughout the week in Downtown Lufkin.

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