East Texas represented on American Idol for second year

East Texas represented on American Idol for second year

JASPER, TX (KTRE) - For the second year in a row, Deep East Texas is represented on a popular reality singing competition. Jasper's very own Savion Wright is on his way to Hollywood for the toughest part of the contest.

"When you really want something and you feel that you're worthy of it, anything worth having is worth working for," said Douglas Wright, Savion's father.

With an angelic voice, Savion Wright of Jasper worked his way right back to Hollywood after being turned away on last year's season of American Idol. His father says he took the advice of the judges in stride.

"These are the things that have given him the drive to achieve not being on American Idol, but to try to be American Idol," Wright said.

Savion graced the stage this season with not only a new look, but he perfected his craft, his abilities on instruments like the lead guitar, and had an even greater motivation to take the title of American Idol.

"We have a legacy to carry out," Wright said.

The Wright family received national attention in 2013 after Savion's older brother, Alfred Wright, was found dead in East Texas. This tragedy and questions left unanswered would forever change the lives of the Wrights, but Douglas says it won't stop them.

"Life does go on and you have to want to go on," Wright said.  "He (Alfred Wright) was so excited about his baby brother going on American Idol."

With the work ethic instilled in Savion, a slew of fans on #teamsavion, and "trust and hope in the almighty," his family has faith that he will be victorious and continue to woo America with his voice and his style. It has hints of jazz, pop, soul and a combination of flavors.

Savion and his father not only both enjoy the feeling of touching others with music, but they share the same philosophy of life.

"Once the task has begun......you don't stop until it's done."

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