Moffett volunteer fire department chief needs help with medical expenses

Moffett volunteer fire department chief needs help with medical expenses

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Moffett Fire Department Chief Eddie Sweet has been hit with hard times.

After dealing with multiple sclerosis for two and a half years, he has recently been dropped by his health insurance and cannot afford the medicine he needs in order to function normally and everyday is a struggle.

"I can't do things that I used to on a daily basis," said Eddie Sweet. "I have to have help with things bathing and going back a forth to the doctor."

After Sweet was unable to take his medication any longer, he felt defeated and was ready to let MS win. His friends and family at the fire department, however, weren't ready to let him give up.

"He's always just help, help, help with other people," said his sister, Holly Klock. "He doesn't realize it's time to let others help him.

Moffett along with nearby Ora Volunteer Fire Station came together to start a fundraiser to help cover Sweet's medical expenses.

"Eddie has been like a son to me and we are all a brotherhood, we're all here for one another," said Ora Fire Department's Bonnie Harper. "When one of us gets hurt, we all hurt. Eddie is hurting bad and we want to do everything we can for him."

Although Sweet is physically limited, the fire department still uses him as a leader and a teacher.

"I told him that even though he can't go into a house and pull someone out or get a hose and put out a fire, there are still fifty million things he can do," Klock said. "I told him he could tell us what to do. Let us be your hands and you can be our brain."

Now that the longtime fire chief has found a way to be a part of the fire station, even if it's not hands on, he has hope.

"This fire department has been home to me, and I've been here a long time. I'm not leaving," Sweet said.

With the support of his fire family, at his own station and at others, Sweet is ready to keep fighting over every obstacle MS has put in his way.

There will be a luncheon tomorrow at noon at the Moffett Fire Station, located on 355 Lonestar Road in Lufkin. There will be spaghetti plates for sale ranging from five to eight dollars. All proceeds will be going towards Sweet's medical expenses.

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