We hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the Super Bowl. Here are some stories we're working on for you at 6.

Donna McCollum was at SFA today, where more than 20 musicians are getting over flu-like symptoms. The "music building plague" led to the cancellation of a Houston tour which students look forward to all year long. In Donna's report, you'll find out how the tough decision college students have when it comes to staying home from school and responsibilities when sick.

Caroline Manning explains how a thief managed to break into a cabinet, steal a rifle and get out of a Walmart without being noticed.

Last night, millions around the globe watched the Super Bowl. And of course, others watched for the commercials. Caleb Beames talks to a local advertising agent, who explains why advertisers are now aiming for the heart, not the laugh, in getting your money.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor