Angelina Co. Sheriff's Office nabs 6th suspect in FM 2021 attempted robbery

Angelina Co. Sheriff's Office nabs 6th suspect in FM 2021 attempted robbery

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - One of six men who tried to rob a man at his home on FM 2021 in July 2013 was arrested on Jan. 29.

Jordy Winbush, 31, of Houston, is still being held in the Angelina County Jail on a first-degree felony aggravated robbery charge, a second-degree felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge, and a state-jail felony engaging in organized criminal activity. Collectively, his bail was set at $87,500.

According to the arrest affidavit, an Angelina County County Sheriff's Office detective responded to a residence in the 7800 block of FM 2021 on July 16 in reference to an attempted robbery.

The home owner told the detective that he had just gotten home and was walking to the front door with his keys in his hand when he heard a vehicle pull into his driveway. When he turned and saw a four-door white sedan in his yard, he thought it was his daughter's car at first.

Then three men climbed out of the sedan and pointed guns at him, the affidavit stated. The men allegedly yelled at him and told him to get on the ground before they threw him on the ground at gunpoint.

During this time, the men were all asking the homeowner about who was in the house, the press release stated. One man also asked the home owner if he had any money on him, according to the affidavit.

Then two of the men allegedly picked the home owner up by his arms and walked him to the front door of his home, where one of them asked about his keys, the affidavit stated.

The victim told them he didn't know, and one of them allegedly fired a round through the window on the right side of his front door. According to the affidavit, the home owner told the detective that he feared for his life at that point.

At that point, the three men ran back to the car, which was being driven by another unknown man. After the carload of men left the scene and headed west on FM 2021, the victim called 911, the affidavit stated. The home owner told the detective that he believed the men took his house and truck keys with them.

Later, the detective retrieved the bullet from where it had lodged in the wooden arm of a couch in the living room.

Dispatch called the ACSO detective and stated that another detective had spotted four men in a white Lincoln on McCarty Road. Later, the second detective saw the Lincoln pull into a residence in the 900 block of McCarty Road and climb out of the vehicle.

Later, the second detective spotted six men leave the residence, and it was obvious that two of them had changed clothes, the affidavit stated. The ACSO detective took pictures of all six men and the two vehicles in the driveway - a white Mitsubishi Gallant and a white Lincoln Town Car.

All six of the men were arrested, but they were later released because of a lack of evidence, the affidavit stated.

The first detective allowed the home owner to see the pictures of the cars, and he said the Gallant matched the description of the white car that pulled into his driveway, the affidavit stated.

A day later, the first detective took a photo lineup to the home owner, who picked the three men who had forced him to the ground at gunpoint out of the individuals in the lineup. Eventually, law enforcement officials positive IDed four of the six suspects. However, two of them had either given false names or false identifiers.

With the help of Texas Ranger Steve Rayburn and facial recognition software, the ACSO detective later identified the last two suspects.

According to the affidavit, the ACSO detective talked to a witness that said she had been approached by the same men at her residence, which is located a short distance from the home on FM 20121, on July 16. However, the men "retreated from her front door and home place because her full-grown German shepherd had accompanied her to the front door."

"Affiant observed the dog to be quite intimidating," the affidavit stated.

Another witness told authorities that he had seen the Town Car and the Gallant driving together in the vicinity of the attempted robbery scene at about the same time as the offense.

The affidavit stated that Winbush conspired with Bernard Palmer, Derrick Mojekwu, Dewayne Adams, Brandon hatter, and Rashad Terrell. Of the other suspects, Adams took a plea deal of 10 years in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice for attempted robbery, and Hatter was sentenced to 4 years in a TDCJ prison for conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

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