Lufkin advertisement agency weighs in on Superbowl commercials

Lufkin advertisement agency weighs in on Superbowl commercials

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - From the funny to the heart grabbing, the advertisers once again stole the show at the Super Bowl, paying upwards of $4 million for a spot during the big game.

Diana Kristynik, owner and CEO of Savvy the Agency, said the money seems high but it is well spent.

They would not be paying $3 to 4 million for a spot," Kristynik said. "So it pays, believe me with overall the ratings and viewer ship, it pays."

The big winner of the night was Budweiser with the return of the puppy. There was no beer in the ad but plenty of emotion, and for advertisers, that seems to be the new trend.

"When you go on emotion, and partnership and companionship," Kristynik said. "It hits the heart. It is heart felt."

But at the same time, emotions could backfire as backlash seems to mainly be focused on the Nationwide spot.

"It's a perfect spot right there to say that's negative, and when everybody is up and running that will bring you down real quick," Kristynik said.

Nationwide said in a statement about the commercial, "The sole purpose of this message was to start a conversation, not sell insurance."

Kristynik said in the next few weeks we will see who the real winners and losers were as the adds continue to hit the TV sets.

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