Lufkin ISD students get a glimpse of life in space

Lufkin ISD students get a glimpse of life in space
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

HEMPHILL, TX (KTRE) - Second graders from Lufkin ISD's Burley Primary got an interactive lesson Monday that was out of this world. The class was hosted by the Patricia Huffman Smith Museum in Hemphill.

Teacher Mary Kingsley said her students couldn't get enough of the session.

"It's amazing to see 42 students just glued to the screen," Kingsley said.

Eight-year-old Joshua Patton said that he learned things that he never knew were possible.

"One of the coolest things I learned today is that you can eat in space," Patton said.

He further explained that he felt like he was transported to space.

Second grader Natasha Hernandez said she was uncertain as to how the astronauts went to the bathroom.

"I wanted to know about how astronauts used the restroom," Hernandez said. "They told me that there is a bathroom in space, and there is this vacuum that dries the astronaut's hands."

Kingsley said that interactive learning plays an important role in the learning process.

"They say that children this age need at least 80 percent of outside training," Kingsley said.

She said that English is not the primary language for several of the students, and that's another reason this class is so important. She further explained that the students didn't just learn about science and history.

"We are teaching our students how to be better citizens," Kingsley said. "When the Columbia tragedy happened, the community of Hemphill came together. It's a perfect example of community service."

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