Lufkin woman admits to stabbing murder victim, gets 20 years

Lufkin woman admits to stabbing murder victim, gets 20 years
Kristine Garcia (Source: Angelina County Jail)
Kristine Garcia (Source: Angelina County Jail)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Lufkin woman who participated when a Lufkin man was stabbed to death pleaded guilty to a charge of first-degree murder and a 20-year prison sentence Tuesday.

As part of the plea deal, Kristine Garcia, 26, must make herself available to testify against her co-defendants.

Garcia was called to the stand to answers some questions from the state during her plea hearing. She told the court she had been dating Efren Elizondo for about four or five months when he was killed. She said she had known him all her life though.

Garcia said she met Miguel Monsivais a couple weeks before the incident when she went to buy marijuana from him. Garcia said she didn't meet Daniel Muniz, who pleaded guilty to felony tampering with physical evidence in March 2014, until the night of the murder.

Prosecutor Scott Greenbaum asked Garcia who planned the murder and she said Monsivais.

“He's the one that brought it up to me that he wanted him dead,” Garcia said.

Garcia said that she knew some kind of harm was going to come to Elizondo but Monsivais didn't give her a reason why but she agreed that all three of them were involved in the plan to hurt Elizondo.

On the day Elizondo was killed, Garcia said she drove him to Monsivaia's house. She said she saw that Muniz had a gun, and she just went into another room when she heard something going on between Monsivais and Elizondo.

Garcia said that she heard Elizondo screaming her name and then didn't hear anything else. Garcia said she thought they were just fighting, and she was just praying in the corner until she came out to see blood on the floor.

Garcia said while Monsivais had Elizondo in a “choke-lock,” Monsivais told her to grab the knife and stab him, and she did. Garcia said she saw that Elizondo had already been stabbed. She saw a knife and a screwdriver already there, and then she stabbed him three times. Garcia said she's not sure how many times Elizondo had already been stabbed but described it as a lot.

Garcia said she knew in her mind that it Monsivais' intention to kill Elizondo.

Garcia said next Monsivias asked her to help him with the body, but she didn't. Then Muniz and Monsivias wrapped him up in the carpet and put him in the truck.

Garcia said she heard Monsivias say, "I have the gas tank, let's burn the truck."

Greenbaum asked Garcia if she knew where Monsivais was and she said she didn't. Garcia said, “I want him to pay for what he did.”

Greenbaum said the family was in support of this agreement.

Judge Bob Inselmann then accepted the plea agreement and turned to Garcia and told her that it's tragic for her and tragic for the family. He said, “I hope one day you can redeem yourself.”

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