East Texas law enforcement say K-9s play a vital role

East Texas law enforcement say K-9s play a vital role

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - Law enforcement agencies from across the state of Texas are banding together to fight the war on drugs. Tuesday, 16 canine handlers from six counties gathered in Corrigan for training on narcotics enforcement.

Paul Montoya, the police chief for Hallsville Police Department, was one of the men in uniform participating in Tuesday's training.

"We are doing a 64-hour training for TCOLE which stands for Texas Commission on Law Enforcement," Montoya said.

This is the third installment of eight sessions. He said he has three K-9s in his department, and they play a vital role in fighting crime.

"With all the problems we are having with law enforcement across the country, we believe it's extremely important to solve problems," Montoya said. "These dog also serve as a tool and backup for law enforcement."

David Hernandez, who works the K-9 unit for the Corrigan Police Department, also voiced a similar opinion.

"The K-9s are another tool on our belt just like a baton, handcuffs," Hernandez said. "They are a really good tool to have when we are on the side of the road."

Hernandez said the K-9s are trained to respond to commands in English, Dutch, German, and Spanish for safety reasons.

"We train them in three areas, narcotics detection, tracking, and apprehension," Hernandez said.

Montoya and Hernandez said the group is working together to put a standard criteria for K9 handler certification.

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