A Pollok man's running shoes saved his health

A Pollok man's running shoes saved his health
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A doctor told Noe Trejo he was borderline diabetic and he needed to lose weight to avoid some serious health problems. So he laced up his sneakers and started jogging down Highway 69 day after day.

Trejo tells the East Texas News he cried the first time he ran because he couldn't even make it half a mile but now he's running marathons.

"I started running because my doctor told me I had 231 my sugar. My weight 209 pounds. I feel bad you know. I feel real sick," Trejo said. "I had a lot of pain in my head. He told me I need to lose weight."

So Trejo laced up his sneakers and hit the pavement but his first run didn't go as planned.

"My first time running I couldn't run half a mile because I have 209 pounds. I cried," Trejo said.

But he didn't let his disappointment from that first run keep him off the track. Instead he was more motivated than ever.

"I started running, running," Trejo said. "I kept running."

He has two screws in his ankle but he doesn't let that stop his stride.

"Sometimes I'm in pain but it's no matter for me I just keep running," Trejo said.

Trejo had to lose the weight for his own health but love for his family kept him moving, mile after mile.

"Because I love my family. My wife, my boy, my girl. I love them and I don't want to die," Trejo said.

Now running is his addiction.

"I run every day. I run 11 miles, 13 miles every day," Trejo said.

And if you drive through north Angelina County you might see him.

"I run right here on 69. I like to run on 69 because it's straight. I like to run straight," Trejo said.

He's been an avid runner now for a year. He's lost more than 70 pounds and doesn't have to take any medication.

"Right now I feel better. I feel real good," Trejo said.

Now Trejo runs for the challenge in addition to staying fit.

"I run 5k's in 24 minutes," Trejo said.

This weekend he is packing up and heading to Mexico to run a marathon at the end of the month.

"I must go this weekend and train over there in Mexico for a minimum of two weeks because in Mexico there is a lot of hills," Trejo said.

Then he will fly back and run a 10 K in Lufkin.

"On the 28th I'm going to be #1 in Lufkin. I promise on the 28th I'm going to run it real good," Trejo said.

Trejo says anyone struggling with health problems or weight can start running. He recommends starting with a mile and then increasing as you feel stronger all it takes is motivation, time and dedication.

"If i can do it everybody can do it," Trejo said.

By the way, Noe Trejo is 46-years-old. So it's never to late to start. Trejo's whole family is now getting into running. His dad, son, daughter and wife are all in different stages of training but have seen the results first-hand and will hit the pavement in pursuit of their own goals.

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