Construction Downtown Slows Business

Destin Sabani said, "especially daytime has been affected more because of the parking space. People come, try to park, they don't find a parking lot and they go somewhere else."

Sabani owns a downtown restaurant called Roma. He says even though the construction hasn't hit his section of the block yet, it's already affecting business. The construction is going in sections, from one block to the next. Right now the intersection of Third and Shepherd looks like a war zone, but later it will clear up, just like the front of the Lufkin Antique Mall. Managers there say they hope the construction will someday be helpful.

Nell Whisenat, Manager at the Lufkin Antique Mall said, "it's very nice out there, I'm hoping that it brings a lot more business downtown, that's what we need. And with the period lights and the trees I think it really helps."

Helps when it's over with, but while the construction is going on, it hurts, sometimes really bad. Some store owners who asked not to be on camera say if it doesn't pick up soon, they don't know what they will have to do. Others like Sabani say they're hopeful for the future.

Sabani said, "when people support you they find a way to get to you. And we have it. And I'm really thankful for that. But you know construction is construction."

The construction now slowing business around the downtown area will someday be over. When that happens, business owners hope all the improvements will help bring more customers back to downtown.