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East Texas officials confident sticker switch-over will not be hard

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East Texas officials say a new sticker plan for registered vehicles will work out in the long run.

Earlier this week, state officials began a campaign called "two steps, one sticker" The new process would combine the inspection sticker with the registration sticker.

The new plan is a result of legislation passed during the 83rd Legislature when House Bill 2305.

County officials have been spending their time answering questions.

"They are just wondering when they need to have it inspected," Nacogdoches County Tax Assessor Kim Morton said. "[They are asking] if they still need to have it inspected. They are not sure, but they do."

For the inspectors, not much will change.

"This is the real same exact process that they have always done," said Erik Hawkins, service Manager at Perry Ellis Kia. "They are going to come in here and they are going to go through. It is actually going to be a little faster because we will not have to sit there and fill out a sticker."

It's believed the move to one sticker would save the state $2 million.

The confusion of the new rule is the inspection time frame. Under the new rule your inspection must take place no more than 90 days before in order to get your vehicle registered.

Hawkins said this should not be an issue.

"This is actually a good thing," Hawkins said. "It will give people more time on their inspection sticker before 2016 when they are all synced up."

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