Excess Water Always Has a Place to Go

Even though the rain is behind us, city officials continue to keep an eye on the forecast.  If we were to see more rain, where will all that water end up?

Since the ground was still wet from previous rainfall, there is an increased chance of flash flooding during a storm.  There'll always be a place for excess water to go.  Sewer systems and drains are just a couple places that catch water run off.  Water will run to the Angelina/Neches River, depending what side of town you're on.

Lufkin city engineer Keith Wright says, "We're divided between those two river basins, but there's water carrying capacity available.  It's just that it's reduced due to the amount of ground saturation that has occurred over the past few months."

You're urged to stay away from creeks, channels and other sources of flowing water, especially during severe weather.