East Texans Hit Hard by Storm

"There's about 15 or 20 trees down; a lot of them are uprooted," says Carolyn Blackburn. "Some of them are leaning; there's one leaning over the house."

Carolyn's mother was home when the storm hit.  After decades in her house, she's never seen so much damage.  Several trees fell on a shed in the back yard and on a truck, just inches from the house.

"She's a little upset, but she's thankful that it didn't get in the house," Blackburn says.  "The truck can be repaired, it just got the bed of it.  So we're just thankful that no one got hurt and that it didn't mash the house."

No serious injuries from the storm at the Lufkin State School, but plenty of damage.  Gone are many of the sky scraping pines that once stood on the lawn. Strong winds took out an entire wall in one of the dorms.  Some residents were still without power late Thursday afternoon.  Despite all this, school administrators say it was business as usual all day.  What's even more surprising is the attitude of the staff.

Superintendent Randy Spence says, "A number of our staff that were working [Wednesday] night had windows broken out of their cars and knew that water and things were blowing in their car, but they stayed in the buildings, they did not over react, they helped keep our clients calm."

And calm is exactly what's needed after a storm.