Lufkin business owner weighs in on viral Twitter tweet firing

Lufkin business owner weighs in on viral Twitter tweet firing
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A young Texas woman was fired publicly on Twitter for a tweet she wrote the day before she was supposed to start her job. It's a Twitter conversation that has been generating a lot of buzz online.

A Twitter user with the handle @Cella tweeted "Ew I start this...job tomorrow."

Apparently she was referencing her first day of work at a Mansfield, pizza restaurant just south of Fort Worth, and her alleged supervisor saw it.

A man with the Twitter handle @RobertWaple tweeted @Cella back with: "And...No you don't start that job today. I just fired you. Good luck with your no money, no job life."

@Cella then responded with "I got fired over Twitter".

The tweets have generated a lot of talk all over the world, including right here in East Texas.

Matt Davis, the owner of Screen Geeks in Lufkin, said he agrees that the employee should have been fired.

"I feel like the business owner made the right decision," Davis said. "I feel like the girl probably would have done a poor job anyway because obviously, she wasn't enthused about the position."

However, Davis said he would handle a similar situation in private not online for everyone to see.

"I think he stooped to a level in doing it that was probably not appropriate. He kind of fought fire with fire, and he maybe could have used water," Davis said. "I feel like I would probably have a private conversation with them than tweet back at them."

David said social media connects everyone now and employees are associated with the companies they work for in the online world.

"You are your company on social media now," Davis said.

Davis said his employees follow a social media policy at Screen Geeks.

"I have my employees refrain from posting anything either negative, positive or neutral having to do with Screen Geeks," Davis said.

Davis also said he expects his employees to act with professionalism online because anything else can give a bad impression of the business.

Twitter users from all around the world are chiming in on @Cella's Twitter saying they hope she can use her "new-found fame" to find a job.

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