East Texas couple finds love later in life

East Texas couple finds love later in life

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - After becoming a widow, Martha Scott never believed in the reality of a fairy tale love story.

"I had loved my husband, but I did not believe in love at first sight," said Martha. "That was just something that people talked about and I didn't believe in it."

One Sunday church service, during the mid 1980s changed her mind.

"Somebody crawled in behind me, and it was this gentleman," Martha said.

After just one date, her thoughts on love took a 180.

When I saw this man it was love at first sight," Martha said.

"It was," said Martha's husband, Bennett Scott.

He had a more humble version of events on their first meeting.

"I fell in love with her, before she fell in love with me," Bennett said.

With over 30 years of marriage under their belt, the two credit God for their successful marriage.

"I'm thinking ... God is good," Bennett said. "It was a great gift."

"We were old enough when we got married that we thought, ‘If we have twenty years together, it would be wonderful,' but now, we're 87 and 88,'" Martha said.

During their time in East Texas, the pair have become Hindu teachers for dozens of children, all of whom they consider their own.

"We've had a wonderful, wonderful experience," Martha said.

"So we have a lot of grand kids," Bennett added.

The couple said the answer to a long lasting marriage is very simple.

"Don't be afraid to love and let that shine through everything that you do," Bennett said.

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