East Texas consultants help doctors with new healthcare regulations

East Texas consultants help doctors with new healthcare regulations

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - When exiting his residency, Dr. Ryan Head had to make a decision.

He was forced to decide to open his own practice or join up with a hospital. Head chose to continue his dream and start his own practice in Nacogdoches. Head admitted there was some concern with opening his own office.

"There is the uncertainty," Head said. "No one knows how all these mandates and all these rules and regulations are going to play out."

Head said his main concern was paying a staff with the reimbursements from healthcare being lessened.

"In training and everything, they teach you how to be a doctor, how to treat patients and how to treat people," Head said. "The lacking thing is how to open your own practice."

To help with all of the demands, Head enlisted the help of Vicky Courtney and Susan Roskos.

The two women work together and help medical professionals across East Texas.

"We can offer them organizational skills to help them administratively, financially, and even technologically, and that can serve as a survivor tool," Courtney said.

The plan they give to doctors is known as the Paracord approach. The approach named after the cord used on parachutes during World War II that worked in various ways.

The women claim their plan helps relieve stress and lessen fines.

"They are being required to adopt electronic health records, and if they don't, they are going to be penalized," Roskos said. "They are required to record clinical data in a structural manner, or they will be penalized financially for it."

Head said what intrigues him the most is the fact that he is able to concentrate on what is important to him.

"It allows me to concentrate on what's really important and that is the children," Head said.

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