Lufkin therapist discusses possible reasons for recent domestic murders in East Texas

Lufkin therapist discusses possible reasons for recent domestic murders in East Texas

When people get married, the last thing they ever expect is that one day they might kill their spouse, but it happens. Here in East Texas, it has been happening more frequently than usual.

Whether it's pre-meditated or just in a fit rage, there are many possible contributing factors to domestic murders.

"A lot of times, drugs and alcohol play a large part in it," said Lufkin Licensed Professional Counselor Lori Coon. "Anger, not necessarily at that individual completely, but it may be a  part of other things they're going through, at work or family members or friends."

According to Coon, regardless of the reason for murdering a spouse, there is always a build up, it doesn't just happen out of the blue. The problem is a lot people aren't aware they're in an abusive or dangerous relationship until it's to late

"Some people don't even realize they're in an abusive situation. It's kind of like being on a football field, all you can see is the facemask of the other individual, but when you get up in the bleachers, it looks entirely different," Coon said.

There things that people can look for to recognize that they're in a dangerous situation .

"If you recognize any signs of somebody being harmful to you, if they call you names, or if they want to have too much control over your life, those are things to look for," said Coon.

If you're in an abusive relationship or know someone who is, there are resources available to help out. You can always call authorities or Janelle Grum Family Crisis Center. They have people that can help out and it is a safe place to stay.

People don't always know what they're getting into when they get married, but by being perceptive and knowing what to look for, they can prevent  the worst from happening.

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