Most East Texan East Texan

Tonight we have a big announcement for all of you. We believe we have found the "most East Texas East Texan." After going through hundreds of viewer responses, we have chosen the family we believe is anchored deep in East Texas. At 6, Summer Dashe introduces you to the Tutt family, who were here before Texas was even a state.

And Caleb Beames is LIVE from Austin, where leaders from Angelina County came together to hear from state leaders for the annual Lufkin/Angelina Day.

Students were playing board games in Diboll ISD classrooms today. But with every roll of the dice, they were learning about our nation's resources. Diboll is the only school in Angelina County that is incorporating the Junior Achievement program in all classes. At 6, Leigha Hughes describes what exactly Junior Achievement is and how it helps local students.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor