Diboll ISD is only area district teaching Junior Achievement in all K-12 classes

Diboll ISD is only area district teaching Junior Achievement in all K-12 classes
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - Kids were playing board games in Diboll ISD classrooms Wednesday, but with every roll of the dice, students were learning about our nation's resources.

A Junior Achievement volunteer from First Bank and Trust in Lufkin taught a Diboll Intermediate fifth grade class all about resources in the United States.

"We're learning about natural resources, human resources, and capital resources," said Diboll fifth grader, Colby DeJesus.

"I've learned about natural resources like air, water, minerals, and trees and I've learned that a human resources is a human and that a capital resource is like the machines," said Diboll fifth grader, Mackenzie Frankens.

Diboll is the only school district to incorporate the Junior Achievement program in all their K through 12 classes.

"This is a huge initiative showing the dedication of Diboll ISD and how they understand the value in the JA program," said Junior Achievement executive director, Michelle Green.

Volunteers come in every week for six weeks and teach the program.

"Having a volunteer come in and share their experiences and mentor these students and teach not only the program, but they also teach soft skills that are so important in our personal and business lives," Green said.

"It's pretty fun, and you can learn a lot of stuff and you can learn about lumber and all kinds of things," DeJesus said.

Junior Achievement does have programs running in other Angelina County school districts, just not full-time like Diboll.

"It's just a great way to really connect to the students and to stay involved with the school districts," Green said.

The non-profit youth development organization is still looking for volunteers to teach programs through the rest of the school year

If you want to help the Junior Achievement program grow into other school districts, all you have to do is get out your bowling shoes.


annual Junior Achievement Bowl-a-thon is next Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at Lufkin Lanes.

There are still lanes available if you want to form a team of five and bowl a couple frames.

“Each year, it's just a lot of fun, and we're absolutely needing to grow this fundraiser because again, our program demand is so high," Green said.

Again, the Bowl-a-thon is three days, next Tuesday, February 17, Thursday, February 19, and Friday, February 20, so you can play around your schedules, and it's $325 for teams of five.

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