Hudson Hornets clinch district while on the road to make history

Hudson Hornets clinch district while on the road to make history

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - With still two games left in district play, the Hudson Hornets have already clinched this year's district title in a historic way for the boys' basketball team.

The team has a clean slate in district with a 7-0 record, but they still have more goals in mind and they aren't just talking about playoffs. They want to do something never done in the 11 years head coach Rob Peterson has been at the helm.

"Coach has never had an undefeated team in district and we want to be the first team," said senior co-captain Dakota West.

Hudson won district Tuesday night when they beat Diboll on their senior night 78-65.

"I'm going to remember it for the rest of my life," said West. "I mean, clinching the district championship on your senior night, it's always good to go out on a win especially against a district rival like that."

What also makes going undefeated quite a milestone is being in a district with just four teams, meaning, you have to play every team three times.

"As soon as you get done playing somebody, a week and a half later you're playing them again. You get your notes out again, add to them, subtract, whatever you have to do," said Peterson.

"It's hard to beat the same team three times," said senior co-captain Reed Glass. "To do what we've done, I think, is pretty impressive and we definitely feel that way. We're proud of what we've done here."

The team credits their strong team chemistry both on and off the field for their success, but last year's shortcomings have also haunted them. After missing the playoffs for the first time last year in nine years, the team said that lite a fire under them to get themselves in gear this season.

"I'm grateful in a sense we didn't make it because it inspired them to come back harder," said Peterson.

"Everybody hates to be the first team to fail so we definitely pushed ourselves hard over the summer," said Glass. "We worked hard, every single one of us, to get to where we are now."

With Glass guiding the team with co-captain West, they are looking to continue to lead in bigger ways

"It's important for us not to get complacent, to strive for more, and never be satisfied," said West. "I think we have a lot more to come."

Hudson has to still beat Huntington Friday and Jasper next Tuesday to make history. Both will be tough road games.

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