Workforce Solutions has jobs ready for former GE employees

Workforce Solutions has jobs ready for former GE employees

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Though their fates at the facility are still unknown, hundreds of GE Lufkin foundry employees were greeted by Workforce Solutions instead of a normal day's work.

"Everybody involved in the layoff, we were able to talk to personally," said John Riley, the site manager of Lufkin's Texas Workforce Solutions office.

Riley said he had been at GE since six in the morning. They were there to assure those laid-off that there was a plan in place for them.

"We want to help them understand that they have something to fall back on at the workforce office," Riley said.

The Workforce Solutions office was preparing for a rapid response orientation which will be held Friday.

Riley says that a Houston unemployment agent will be present at tomorrow's orientation to answer questions about moving forward after lay off.  He also says there will be a mini-job fair specifically for the GE employees laid-off today.

"We've also partnered with several businesses in town," Riley said

Georgia-Pacific, Etech, and staffing and temp agencies are some of the business who say they are hiring right now. They'll be at the job fair to help former GE employees pick up where they left off.

"We'll be able to go right into this job fair to see if they can transition right back into employment, which is what everybody wants," Riley said.

Riley says he is most impressed by the community's efforts to assist in an issue that affects thousands in Angelina County. He says the employers stepped up with positions quickly because unemployment is something no one wanted to see.

"Businesses stepped up and said hey we've got some jobs available. Come work for us," Riley said.

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